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Past Graduate Students & Projects

Katherine Barrett (2020) PhD – The ecology of brine flies and their association with microbialites in the Great Salt Lake.

David Flagel (2015) PhD – Trophic cascades with mammals in a northern Great Lakes forest. Currently: Assistant Director of UNDERC-West.

Erica Kistner (2014) PhD –  A grasshopper and its fungal pathogen: a model system for disease dynamics. Currently: Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California Riverside.

Shayna Sura (2014) Master's  –  Impacts of harvesting on brine shrimp (Artemia franciscana) in Great Salt Lake, UT. Currently: PhD Graduate Student at the University of California Los Angeles.

Christopher Patrick (2011) PhD  –  Causes and consequences of between stream variation in aquatic macroinvertebrate communities in stream networks. Currently: Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University - Corpus Cristi.

Chelse Prather (2010) PhD – Invertebrate consumer influences on ecosystem processes in a rainforest understory. Currently: Assistant Professor at the University of Dayton.

David M. Choate (2009) PhD – Cougar-induced behavioral plasticity: ungulate behavior under the risk of predation on the National Bison Range. Currently: Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Matt Michel (2009) PhD – Influence of multiple environments on tadpole phenotypes: plasticity, adaptation, and conservation implications. Currently: Ecologist at CZR Consulting.

David Hoekman (2008) PhD – Top-down and bottom-up effects in a detrital food web: the pitcher plant inquiline community as a model food web. Currently: Assistant Professor at Southern Nazarene University.

Angela Laws (2007) PhD – Effects of abiotic community and herbivore density on tritrophic interactions in an old field food chain. (2004) Master’s – Effects of population density on life-history strategies in grasshoppers. Currently: Research Assistant Professor at the University of Houston.

Jennifer Hsia (2007) Master’s – Postdispersal sugar maple (Acer sacchrum) seed predation by sciurids and other small mammals in a northern hardwood forest. Currently: Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow at San Diego VA Health Care System.

Chad Larson (2004) Master’s – Experimental examination of the factors affecting growth and species composition of phytoplankton from the Great Salt Lake, Utah. Currently: Employee of the Department of Ecology for the State of Washington.

David Branson (2001) PhD – Reproductive allocation and survival in grasshoppers: effects of resource availability, grasshopper density and parasitism. Currently: Research Entomologist at the United States Department of Agriculture.

Samuel Chad Mellison (2000) Master’s – Functional response of a waterboatman (Trichocorixa verticalis) and environmental conditions that affect its distribution in the Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA. Currently: Employee at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Kyle Haynes (1998) Master’s – Why do grasshoppers have different phenologies? Currently: Research Associate Professor at the University of Virginia.

Peter Van Zandt (1997) Master’s – Population variability and persistence. Currently: Assistant Professor at Birmingham-Southern College and Research Associate at the Mississippi Entomological Museum.

Jon Chase (1996) Master’s – Differential competitive interactions and the included niche: an experimental analysis with grasshoppers. Currently: Professor and Head of Biodiversity Synthesis Research Group at the German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research and Professor at Martin Luther University.

Sheila Broomhead (1994) Master’s – Selection, genetic variation, and population stability.

Brian Stockhoff (1992) PhD – Diet heterogeneity: effects on gypsy moth feeding behavior and growth.

Linda Krippner (1991) Master’s – Effects of microhabitat, interspecific competition, and predation on three grasshopper species in western Montana. Currently: Employee at Krippner Consulting, LLC.

Steven Henry (1990) Master’s – A habitat-specific biogeographic size trend in the meadow vole (Microtus pennsylvanicus).

Robert Culbert (1990) Master’s – The effects of nest variability and nest crypticness on crow predation of killdeer nests.

Oswald Schmitz (1989) PhD – Environmental variability and optimal foraging behavior of a generalist herbivore: the white-tailed deer. Currently: Director of the Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies and Professor at Yale University.

Jean Richter (1988) Master’s – The effects of plant secondary chemicals and protein on the feeding behavior and digestive physiology of a microtine rodent.

Garet Lahvis (1988) Master’s – Flight distances of white-tailed deer from an artificial coyote.

Heidi Hollenbach (1988) Master’s – Effects of maternal behavior on fawn survival in pronghorn (Antilocapra Americana). Currently: District Supervisor at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Larry Visser (1988) PhD – Deer use of managed forest openings in Northern Lower Michigan.

Mark Azzara (1987) Master’s – Female responses to male tarsal scent in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus).

Mark Ritchie (1987) PhD – Natural selection of optimal foraging behavior in Columbian ground squirrels. (1983) Master’s – Site variation in Columbian ground squirrel foraging and its impact on sociality. Currently: Professor at Syracuse University.

William Newmark (1986) PhD – Mammalian richness, colonization, and extinction in western North American national parks. Currently: Research Associate and Conservation Biologist at the Natural History Museum of Utah.

R. Terry Bowyer (1985) PhD – Correlates of group living in Southern mule deer. Currently: Professor at Idaho State University.

Jeffrey Baker (1983) Master’s – The effect of predation risk and colony vegetation in Columbian ground squirrel behavior.

Steven Lima (1982) Master’s – Optimal foraging by downy woodpeckers in patchy environments. Currently: Professor at Indiana State University.

Past Postdoctoral Students

Kerry Yurewicz (2002-2005), currently at Plymouth State University

Glenn Edwards (1991-1994), currently at CSIRO, Australia

Past Visiting Scientists

Todd Crowl, Florida International University

Dan Botkin, University of California - Santa Barbara

Tony Joern, Kansas State University

Susan Kilham, Drexel University

Terrance Dawson, University of New South Wales

Steve McLeod, Industry & Investment, NSW Australia

Oswald Schmitz, Yale University


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