Current Opportunities

The Belovsky Lab is not currently hiring. Look back in the fall of 2022. 

Potential Graduate Students

I give preference to students who plan to obtain their Ph.D., either students who have a Master’s already, or students who wish to enter graduate school directly into a Ph.D. program. I also prefer that students have some modeling background as well as a strong foundation in ecology. 

As a rule, I do not have specific projects for students, and encourage students to develop their own, based on their interests. There may be openings in ongoing projects or a graduate student can work on related projects of their own chosing.

Please contact Gary Belovsky (belovsky.1@nd.edu) for more information. 

Undergraduate Students

Academic Year Opportunities:

  • Work for pay in the lab on brine shrimp project or the grasshopper project. 
  • Work for credit on either project. This may include opportunities for independent research. Students interested in this type of opportunity must have worked in the Belovsky lab previously and have a particular project or research idea that will be planned with Dr. Gary Belovsky.

Summer Opportunities:

  • Undergraduate to work on the Great Salt Lake-Brine Shrimp project in the lab on campus. Training must be completed prior to the summer. 

Please contact Jennifer Belovsky (belovsky.2@nd.edu) about opportunities for working in the Belovsky lab.